libraryh3lp: IM/web chat help system

From the FAQ:

What is LibraryH3lp?

LibraryH3lp is an integrated web chat/IM platform written specifically for libraries.

It allows multiple librarians to receive chats from its native chat widget or Meebo Me widgets as well as IMs from patrons on other IM networks such as AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ. While it routes messages to multiple librarians, only the first one to respond “wins” the chat and becomes connected with the patron.

It is designed to be very mobile-device friendly. It provides two different SMS gateways. Both allow patrons to text their library using a phone number, which is easily stored on the patron’s phone, rather than a short code/library ID combination.

Librarians in the same administrative domain can transfer any chats, IMs, or text messages to each other as needed. The system provides an administrative backend for service creation, management, and centralized transcript storage, download, and deletion.