Designing websites for the user

Their current website has a modern CMS.  They also offer comments on nearly every page on their website.  They offer lots of RSS feeds.  Staff writes content for news blogs, subject guides, and genre-specific recommended materials blogs.  That content is remixed.  David notes that the web is once again becoming decentralized.  They have a Facebook page for the library, one for their art gallery, and one for their teen customers.  They still have a MySpace account (David recommends killing all of the spam-friends like authors & other “questionable” friends).  David connected MySpace to their Twitter feed and they are now starting to get some converation on the MySpace page.  They are having conversations on the website proper in the comments section.  They are having conversations in Facebook–people fanning the page, likiing status updates, & commenting on the wall.  Their Flickr account is quite popular, especially the art gallery photographs.  They also have conversations going on in Twitter as well, and YouTube.  Most of the media organizations in town have subscribed to their Twitter account, and are using that instead as a press release source.

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